Fluorescent and transparent as all the jewelry in the Nodes Collection, this Red Node Necklace comes with a heavier stainless steel 24 inch chain with front and back options for added wearability! The pendant is also removable so that you can add it to other chains you own. Its hand made and one of a kind with acrylic paint, metal mesh, PLA, Plexiglas and extruded metal it measures, 2"x1"x1"  Alternate and detail views available upon request

Red Node Art Necklace.02

    Olga Alexander / CEO- Jewelry Designer and Artist/NYC
    For All Info And Retail or Wholesale opportunities contact;
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    Cape Cod Museum of Art, MA
    Muskegon Museum of Art, MI
    Grounds for Sculpture N.J.
    LSU Museum of Art, LA
    Hilliard U. Art Museum, LA
    Numerous Private Collections
    Member of  Society Of North American Goldsmiths
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