Like all of the Node jewelry, this art ring is one of a kind and offers multiple views just like any sculpture and painting would! The ring is adjustable, hand painted and designed by the artist to complement the wearers taste and art sensibilities! Contains acrylic paint and can be customized; 1"cube and appx 1/2 inch deep, acrylic paint with stainless steel base. 

Orange Node Art Ring.01

    Olga Alexander / CEO- Jewelry Designer and Artist/NYC
    For All Info And/Or Retail Opportunities Or Free Customization Options Contact;
    Social handle; @nodescollection
    Nodes Collection also available at;
    Kent State University Museum, OH
    Galesburg Civic Art Center, IL
    Muskegon Museum of Art, MI
    Grounds for Sculpture N.J.
    LSU Museum of Art, LA
    Hilliard U. Art Museum, LA
    Numerous Private Collections
    Member of  Society Of North American Goldsmiths
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