Fluorescent Node Art pins come in muitiple colors and sizes and are all individually hand crafted and designed by the artist Olga Alexander in New York City! The Nodes Collection of art jewelry are the artists's miniature wearable art pieces that are made to compliment any wardrobe and captivate creative minds interested in art and culture! This Node Art pin is as light as a feather and is hand painted with acrylic paint on fluorecent Plexi; it measures appx. 3 inches long bt 1 inch wide and 1 inch in depth. For custom inquiries at no extra cost please email, nodescollection@gmail.com

Blue Node Art Pin.05

    Olga Alexander / CEO- Jewelry Designer and Artist/NYC
    For All Info And/Or Retail Opportunities Or Free Customization Options Contact;
    Social handle; @nodescollection
    Nodes Collection also available at;
    Kent State University Museum, OH
    Galesburg Civic Art Center, IL
    Muskegon Museum of Art, MI
    Grounds for Sculpture N.J.
    LSU Museum of Art, LA
    Hilliard U. Art Museum, LA
    Numerous Private Collections
    Member of  Society Of North American Goldsmiths
    All image rights are reserved; all art jewelry are copyrighted by the artist. This website is SSL secure.
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